Short Term Rehab

Short-term rehabilitation complements our longstanding service to seniors of all faith backgrounds. Regardless of which full-service community you choose, a plethora of resources under one roof improves outcomes. The combination of environment, tools and personnel can successfully treat a broad range of prevalent geriatric conditions.

United Methodist Communities and its three partners, Alliance, ACP and COMS, have designed healthcare niches to create positive outcomes. Additionally, United Methodist Communities’ broad spectrum of personal and health care accommodations, makes for a seamless transition should needs change.

We believe…

…a person-directed environment promotes healing

…in maximizing an individual’s independence

…everyone has the right to live abundantly, regardless of age

…employing the highest clinical standards hastens recovery

…utilizing therapeutic tools and technologies most effectively restores function

…a collaborative multi-disciplinary team leads to more comprehensive treatment

…a results-driven approach returns individuals to reach their full wellness potential

Alliance Rehabilitation brings high quality and cost-effective speech, occupational and physical therapies. Among the many benefits, their proven, proprietary model has achieved:

  • Measurably improved patient outcomes
  • Streamlined, cost-effective operations management
  • Best practices and advanced clinical programming
  • Flexibility that offers wellness opportunities to more seniors

Alliance customizes health, wellness, rehabilitation and other programs to ensure that residents have opportunities to live as independently as possible. Their expertise, experience, innovative practices and multi-dimensional approach dovetails with United Methodist Communities’ outcomes-driven focus. Beside understanding and sharing our mission and operations, most importantly, they share our passion.

Also a trusted national resource in senior rehabilitation, our second partner, Accelerated Care Plus (ACP), a specialty rehab provider, brings programs built around state-of-the art Physical Agent Modalities – the same medical devices that have been used for 30 years with professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes to facilitate recovery and improve performance.

Their series of onsite evidence-based clinical programs allow us to treat a wider range of prevalent conditions, than we could previously. They focus on achieving the best possible functional gains, improving quality-of-life and extending independence for our residents. The programs include pain management, wound healing, joint replacement, CVA stroke recovery, neuromuscular disease, urinary incontinence, contractures, fall prevention, arthritis, COPD, neuromuscular re-education, and more.

Our third valued partner, COMS Interactive (Clinical Outcomes Management Systems), focuses on improving outcomes in long-term care. The COMS executive team epitomizes the perfect intersection of healthcare, long-term care, and technology. For example, one of its comprehensive suite of products enhances resident quality-of-life and addresses more than 85% of chronic diseases that lead to re-hospitalization. By tracking health, the software can reduce re-hospitalization by 50% and has become the assessment standard for all United Methodist Communities’ skilled nursing residents on Medicare and with multiple and complex health conditions.

Holistic head-to-toe assessments instill confidence and trust that nothing will be overlooked — generating 185 points of data. The outcome, a very clear picture of what’s happening, catalyzes nurses into action more quickly than would otherwise be possible, helping to avoid a visit to a physician or hospital. It notes any abnormalities and alerts associates of possible interventions that can be added to residents’ plans of care. In some cases, it helps to avoid unnecessary intervention, also promoting healing.

Short-term rehabilitation specializes in patients discharged from the hospital, but not yet ready to return home. Following surgery or an illness, it focuses on recuperative care, concentrated rehabilitative therapy, general strengthening and medical treatment. Designed for the patient whose medical needs are not as complex as those in a dedicated sub-acute program, short-term rehab is housed in the skilled nursing residence to facilitate close monitoring. United Methodist Communities offers short-term rehabilitation at Pitman in Pitman, Collingswood in Collingswood, The Shores in Ocean City and Bristol Glen in Newton.